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Thai Market Photography

"The Secret Ingredient is ALWAYS love"


Thai food is probably one of my favorite cuisines [definitely in the top 5]; which is one of the many reasons why I was so excited for my trip to Thailand this past weekend. Unfortunately, I was only visiting the majestic country for 4 days; meaning I had to limit myself to one city. My choice: Chiang Mai. A medium sized city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is known as a "college town" due to the prominence of the university there and is beautifully situated at the base of impossibly green mountains.

There were a few factors that played into me picking Chiang Mai for my inaugural Thailand trip. First, since moving to Asia I have had the opportunity to meet many backpackers who have been exploring South East Asia for months, and they all say that Chiang Mai is one of their favorite cities, if not THE best city. Second, it is home to the largest Yee Pang Festival [also known as the floating lantern festival] and it has always been top of my bucket list to visit the festival. Lastly, Chiang Mai has a lot of highly regarded elephant sanctuaries. [related post]

This post is comprised of photos that I have taken while exploring a local market just outside of Thailand and photos of traditional Thai dishes that were created from the market goods.


Market Goods



Life of the Market



Final Product


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